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Greeting Asus Maximus VI Formula Gaming Motherboard

Asus is going to put on sale its newest LGA1150 motherboard of ROG (Republic of Gamers) series, entitled Maximus VI Formula. The board features ATX form-factor and is based on Intel Z87 chipset that supports all Haswell-based Intel Core processors. The most peculiar thing about the new-comer is the availability of ROG Armor enclosure that covers the PCB on both sides. The top cover is made of ABS; it prevents the heat produced by the surrounding components (i.e. graphics adapters) from warming up the CPU and VRM systems. The rear cover is made of SECC steel that stops the PCB from bending.

Motherboard Maximus VI Formula houses four DIMM slots that support up to 32 GB dual-channel DDR3 memory modules with up to 3100 O.C MHz frequencies. 8-channel VRM system consists of NexFET transistors, Black Wing throttles, and high-efficiency solid-state capacitors. All power components are cooled down by a dedicated heatsink that is a part of a liquid-cooling system. This motherboard model …

Gelid SlimHero Gains an Off-the-Shelf Product Status

First seen at CeBIT exhibition, CPU cooler SlimHero from Gelid has turned into an off-the-shelf product. The new-comer joined Gelid Silent cooler series and is already available for customers at the price of around $32. The major distinctive peculiarity applied to the cooler is its framework: it features only 59 mm height that is quite appropriate for the installation into small-sized mini-ITX/mini-Tower PC cases or into advanced HTPC systems.

At the same time, SlimHero is equipped with four copper heat pipes, a range of aluminum ribs, and 120 mm fan. The employment of copper in the design of heat pipes is to significantly increase heat transfer to the ribs. Moreover, their original shape ensures low resistance to airflow, resulting in a more efficient cooling process.

Gelid SlimHero demonstrates wide compatibility with a lump of present-day desktop platforms: AMD Socket FM1, FM2, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, as well as Intel LGA 775, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366. According to Gelid …

Asus Introduces a New Powerful Motherboard Z87-A

The line of Haswell-compatible motherboards from Asus has been recently replenished with a new model – Z87-A. The new-comer is supposed to be the most ‘customer-friendly’ board, due to the correlation of incorporated facilities and price: based on the prime chipset (Intel Z87) on Socket LGA1150 platform, this board boasts an extreme functional combined with the price of $150 only. Thus, it might become a perfect solution for a powerful gaming PC.

Motherboard Asus Z87-A is elaborated in ATX form-factor and supports Intel Core i3, i5, i7, Pentium, and Celeron processors. Memory is represented by four DDR3 DIMM slots that are able to run at the maximal 3000 MHz frequency. Their overall capacity might achieve 32 GB. CPU power supply subsystem involves 8 phases; this is quite enough for a full-scale overclocking. Audio facilities are ensured by the integrated 7.1-channel Realtek ALC892 controller. Network facilities are backed by a separate gigabit Realtek 8111GR controller.
… …

Memory card devices, lista de fabricantes

Nesta páxina podes atopar unha lista de fabricantes Memory card devices controladores pode descargar na nosa web. Para o mellor buscar un controlador axeitado para fóra de 654963 dispoñibles na nosa base de datos, seleccione o fabricante dos seus Memory card devices de 25142 presentados nesta sección.

DevID : : Memory card devices

Máis modernos dispositivos multimedia dixital (foto-/cámaras de vídeo, audio xogadores, etc.) son producidos con unha cantidade limitada de memoria interna, que é moitas veces insuficiente para almacenar grandes cantidades de información. Para aumentar a cantidade de almacenamento, unha especial dispositivo de almacenamento – tarxeta de memoria. Tarxeta de memoria os datos poden ser movidos para estacionaria ORDENADOR ou un portátil, pero sen SIDA – lectores – para implementar lo dificilmente vai ser posible.

O lector dispositivo destinado a lectura de datos de tarxetas de memoria. Para o traballo coordinado con ordenador/portátil que tomar para min un controlador especial para dispositivos para tarxetas de memoria. Hai lectores de tarxetas compatible con só un formato de tarxetas de memoria (por exemplo, SD), aínda que hoxe xeneralizada modelo universal, que soporta varios formatos diferentes (UFS, SDXC UHS-eu, CF, Cfast etc.).

Todos os modelos de lectores polo tipo de conexión a un ORDENADOR pode ser clasificados en interna e externa.

Interno dispositivos están instalados en 2.5-/3.5-polgadas de almacenamento dentro do recinto a unidade do sistema. Son xeralmente caracterizada por o apoio de todo o popular tarxeta de formatos. A súa única desvantaxe – a incapacidade para conectar un portátil PC (portátil, ultrabook, nettop).

Tarxeta externa lectores teñen gañou popularidade debido á conectividade á externa interface USB tanto de escritorio e portátiles (a través de USB cable.) Tales solucións normalmente teñen o tamaño compacto, o que os fai transportável. Se está a usar dispositivos externos, é necesario considerar que para conectarse a varios sistemas necesidade de descargar controladores de dispositivos para tarxetas de memoria que son compatibles con a configuración da instalado sistema operativo.


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