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Thermaltake Readies Armor A30i and A30i Speedy Edition PC Cases

Thermaltake gets ready for the release of two new PC cases, codenamed Armor A30i and Armor A30i Speedy Edition. Both models feature 266x291x456 mm dimensions and boast an original modular framework, known as Bulletproof Armor Design. The cases are housed in a stylish enclosure with a small transparent window on the side panel, ventilation grids on the frontal and top facets. Their prime target is gamers, as well as enthusiasts and LAN Party devotees, who prefer small-sized PC systems.

Thermaltake A30i and its modified version are known to support motherboards of mini-ITX and micro-ATX standard, graphics cards of up to 350 mm in length, and CPU cooler of up to 90 mm in height. Internal layout is ready to offer four expansion slots, a couple of 5.25-inch drive bays (external), one 3.5-inch drive bay (external), a pair of internal 2.5-inch bays and analogous number of internal 3.5-inch bays. The frontal I/O panel consists of two standard audio slots and a couple of USB 3.0 ports. … …

Review of Network TV-tuner AVerMedia HomeFree Combo

Computer technologies develop at lightning speed. Average customers manage to master all intricacies of new gadgets much slower than to keep pace with innovative technologies, since numerous companies introduce their products practically every day. The development of wired and wireless networks is considered to be a foreground direction in the computer technologies market, so the products which serve the platform for those developments appear on regular basis. Network connection, which enables the TV signal receipt by means of PC employment, is implemented via dedicated TV-tuners. AVerMedia company offers a totally new broadcasting solution in the form of free-running network TV-tuner HomeFree Combo which supports as digital so analog broadcasting of DVB-T standard.

Framework and Delivery Set

TV-tuner HomeFree Combo casing is made of dead plastic. The casing clipboard is equipped with light-emitting diode activity indicators, infrared sensor, and indicators signalizing …

Greeting a New ProLite XB2483HSU PC Monitor from iiyama

A renowned Japanese manufacturer of TV-sets and PC displays, iiyama Corp., has enriched its inventory of monitors with a new model, codenamed XB2483HSU. The new-comer from ProLite series features 24-inch screen and 565.5x386.5x516.5 mm dimensions. The heart of the model is AMVA+ array, equipped with LED backlit. It ensures Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and wide viewing angles (178/178 degrees in both aspects).

The iiyama ProLite XB2483HSU is housed in a black-painted case with a multi-functional stand. The latter provides for the adjustment of height, tilt, rotation, and display mode (landscape or portrait). It should be noted that in GtG background array response time makes up 4 ms only. At the same time, the maximal brightness equals to 250 cd/m2, whereas contrast ratio marvels by accuracy and sharpness: 3000:1 — static and 5 M:1 – dynamic.

To continue, this monitor comes with a couple of built-in speakers (2 W each), 3.5 mm jack for headphones, and three …

Infrared devices, l'elenco dei produttori

In questa pagina potete trovare l'elenco di produttori di Infrared devices, il driver per il quale è possibile scaricare sul nostro sito. Per una migliore ricerca di un driver di 654963 presenti nel nostro database, selezionare il produttore della Infrared devices, su 25142 presentati in questa sezione.

DevID : : Infrared devices

La tecnologia IR (infrarossi, IR), la connessione è progettato per l'installazione sostenibile comunicazione wireless tra PC e dispositivi dotati di adeguate IR-porte. Attualmente, questa tecnologia non gode di grande popolarità, a causa dei limiti di velocità di trasmissione di informazioni e di piccolo raggio. Tuttavia, il segmento di informatica e elettronica professionale è pieno di soluzioni con infrarossi collegamento: stampanti, scanner, telefoni cellulari, webcam, dispositivi di sorveglianza, etc.

IR-dispositivo di solito inizialmente dotati di speciali porta, che permette di stabilire una connessione con un altro dispositivo palmare acceso. A sua volta, PC desktop/laptop richiede l'installazione di tale porta. Per la sua configurazione e funzionamento stabile utilizzano driver per IR dispositivi.

Ci sono tre modi per collegare la porta a INFRAROSSI del computer: alla porta IrDA sulla scheda madre (abbastanza complesso dal punto di vista tecnico), alla porta COM o al bus USB (più l'opzione migliore).

Vale la pena notare che la lunghezza d'onda IR-porto non superiore a 900 nm. Tale indicatore pone limiti severi per la parte di lavoro la distanza tra le due dispositivi IR – non più di 1 metro. In caso contrario, la tecnologia sarà a vacillare. Per garantire una connessione stabile si consiglia di scaricare i driver per IR dispositivi, nonché rimuovere tutti i corpi estranei tra i due porti.


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