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3D-monitors D2343P-BN and D2743P-BN on matrix IPS from LG

The South Korean manufacturer of digital technology LG enlarged range of branded monitors by two nontrivial models — D2743P-BN and D2343P-BN. Title of the article clearly points out their main advantages — the support of stereoscopic image display quality and availability of the matrix In-Plane Switching with angles of 178 ° / 178 ° horizontal and vertical. LG D2743P-BN has a diagonal of 27 inches, D2343P-BN — 23 inches. The nominal resolution of both displays is 1920x1080 pixels, or, as is now fashionable to say, «Full HD».

New items stand out from their analogues by low power consumption. LG D2743P-BN, on average requires 27 watts of power, and D2343P-BN — 25 watts. Monitors support the «acceleration» of the matrix (Overdrive) to 5 ms, like TN + film screens. Another interesting feature of debutants is the built-in technology Super Resolution, which adds sharpness to blurred images. One click of the 2D-image on the screen can be turned into 3D. In order to view …

AMD Has Published the Timing of Low-End Ryzen Models Bulk Sale Start

One can stop making wild guesses as far as AMD has voiced the official time frame of the beginning of low-end Ryzen models bulk sale. 6-core CPUs will come out in the 2nd quarter this year, and 4-core Ryzen 3 will be available in the second part of 2017.

Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 will possess the similar architecture as their higher-order counterparts. According to some resources, the only nuance is that in Ryzen 3 the SMT technology will be disabled, however, this device will cost less than $149. Ryzen 5 chips will come in at $175–259 (not much for 6 cores with SMT support).

The top-rank sample among 6-core AMD processors is AMD Ryzen 5 1600X offering the 3.6/4.0 GHz frequency rate. It will cost $259, which is only $15–20 more, than Intel Core i5-7600K. Simultaneously, according to pretests results, Ryzen 5 1600X will be 69% more effective in a multi-threaded context.

SilverStone Launches 4-Port ECU01 PCI Expansion Card

Taking into account an ever increasing demand for USB 3.0 interfaces, SilverStone has elaborated a dedicated PCI expansion card, entitled ECU01. The card is designed in a low-profile form-factor with the support for PCI Express 2.0 x2 bus. It features a pair of 19-contact USB 3.0 sockets, each of which offers two USB 3.0 ports.

In keeping with the manufacturer, this comprehensive model is called to satisfy the need for high-speed interfaces, absent with old-fashioned systems. For sure, the amount of connectivity ports integrated within the motherboards (usually of entry-level/budgetary standard) is not always enough for enthusiasts and gamers. Hence, there can appear an acute need for additional expansion cards, like ECU01.

SilverStone ECU01 is based on Etron EJ198 controller, featuring an additional SATA interface that is responsible for an efficient power supply. Moreover, the model supports UASP protocol that accelerates data transfer speed. If the current OS does not …

Memory card devices, lista de fabricantes

Nesta páxina podes atopar unha lista de fabricantes Memory card devices controladores pode descargar na nosa web. Para o mellor buscar un controlador axeitado para fóra de 654963 dispoñibles na nosa base de datos, seleccione o fabricante dos seus Memory card devices de 25142 presentados nesta sección.

DevID : : Memory card devices

Máis modernos dispositivos multimedia dixital (foto-/cámaras de vídeo, audio xogadores, etc.) son producidos con unha cantidade limitada de memoria interna, que é moitas veces insuficiente para almacenar grandes cantidades de información. Para aumentar a cantidade de almacenamento, unha especial dispositivo de almacenamento – tarxeta de memoria. Tarxeta de memoria os datos poden ser movidos para estacionaria ORDENADOR ou un portátil, pero sen SIDA – lectores – para implementar lo dificilmente vai ser posible.

O lector dispositivo destinado a lectura de datos de tarxetas de memoria. Para o traballo coordinado con ordenador/portátil que tomar para min un controlador especial para dispositivos para tarxetas de memoria. Hai lectores de tarxetas compatible con só un formato de tarxetas de memoria (por exemplo, SD), aínda que hoxe xeneralizada modelo universal, que soporta varios formatos diferentes (UFS, SDXC UHS-eu, CF, Cfast etc.).

Todos os modelos de lectores polo tipo de conexión a un ORDENADOR pode ser clasificados en interna e externa.

Interno dispositivos están instalados en 2.5-/3.5-polgadas de almacenamento dentro do recinto a unidade do sistema. Son xeralmente caracterizada por o apoio de todo o popular tarxeta de formatos. A súa única desvantaxe – a incapacidade para conectar un portátil PC (portátil, ultrabook, nettop).

Tarxeta externa lectores teñen gañou popularidade debido á conectividade á externa interface USB tanto de escritorio e portátiles (a través de USB cable.) Tales solucións normalmente teñen o tamaño compacto, o que os fai transportável. Se está a usar dispositivos externos, é necesario considerar que para conectarse a varios sistemas necesidade de descargar controladores de dispositivos para tarxetas de memoria que son compatibles con a configuración da instalado sistema operativo.


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