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Aerocool Updates Several Mainstream PSU Lineups

Aerocool expands its mainstream- and budget-oriented PSU lineups with a batch of new models. Notably, it replenishes such series as VP, VX, and KCAS to satisfy the needs of a wider public. Without doubt, all greenhorns absolutely comply with the company’s best practices implemented within design and performance frameworks.

Hence, Aerocool VP, the most affordable series in the inventory, has been refilled with three models of 850 W, 1000 W and 1200 W power. They are distinguished by the integration of a single +12V rail, support for the Intel Haswell platform, and compliance with C6 and C7 idle states. All units are estimated for 120 thousand hours of foolproof operation, providing up to 84% efficiency in a wide range of workload. Their other peculiar feature is absence of 80Plus certification.

The VX series has been replenished with two low-power PSUs of 400 W and 500 W power. Their ultimate power on +12V rails makes up 324 W and 456 W correspondingly. Both models are …

The Latest Sony PSZ-HC1T and PSZ-HC2T External Hard Drives Are Splash/Dust-Protected

The Sony Corporation launches new PSZ-HC1T and PSZ-HC2T external hard drives of 1 and 2 TB capacity respectively. These devices with USB interface operate hard drives and are aimed at pro utilizing supposing memory card backup and involvement of education, corporate and other apps.

The cable with the USB-A connector is made fast, so there’s no chance to lose or leave it behind. One can also use benefits of the USB-C port. The substantially quick-operating drives are pre-formatted in exFAT and ensure data forwarding at the speed of up to 138 MBps in the read and write modes.

Other positive points include protection against damage as a result of falling from 2 m height. PSZ-HC1T and PSZ-HC2T are safe from splash (IPX4 rate) and dust (IP5X rate) impact. A rubber cap secures the USB-C type connector.

New portable storage solutions by Sony are supplied in a firm package for extra protection during delivery. The manufacturer plans to launch PSZ-HC1T and PSZ-HC2T sales in …

New High-Performance Desktop PC Power Mega III from CyberPower PC

CyberPower PC, and American-based supplier of miscellaneous PC solutions, is delighted to present its fresh elaboration – high-performance desktop PC, codenamed Power Mega III. This PC might operate as a high-end computing system or a home multimedia center. According to the company’s designers, their creation is able to easily cope with video content production and editing, CAD/CAE applications processing, and 3D-video playback.

Power Mega III comes in several variations to meet the demands of diverse customer groups. Thereby, the system might come housed either in NZXT H630 or Thermaltake Urban S21 chassis, with Intel Haswell or Intel Xeon processors, and with Nvidia Quadro K or AMD FirePro professional graphics cards.

It should be noted that high-end desktop configurations involve two Xenon E5-2630 processors with the total of 24 cores. They are equipped with 32 GB RAM memory, supporting ECC technology, a pair of 120 GB solid-state drives, and a single 3 TB hard …

Infrared devices, liste over producenter

På denne side kan du finde en liste over producenter Infrared devices drivere, som du kan downloade på vores hjemmeside. For den bedste søge efter en passende driver ud af 654963 findes i vores database, vælg producent af Infrared devices fra 25142 præsenteret i dette afsnit.

DevID : : Infrared devices

Teknologi IR (infrarød IR) - forbindelser er designet til installation stabil trådløs forbindelse mellem din PC og de enheder, der er udstyret med IR-portene. I øjeblikket er, at denne teknologi ikke er meget populære, fordi hastighedsgrænser for fremsendelse af oplysninger og lille aktionsradius. Men det segment af computer og professionel elektronik fuld løsninger med infrarød forbindelse: printere, scannere, mobiltelefoner, web-Cams, video overvågning, udstyr osv.

INFRARØDE enheder som regel er udstyret med en speciel port, der giver dig mulighed for nemt at oprette forbindelse til en anden enhed. Til gengæld desktop/bærbar computer, kræver installationen af en sådan havn. For konfiguration og stabil drift, skal du bruge driveren til IR - enheder'.

Der er tre måder at oprette forbindelse for den INFRARØDE port på computeren: stik Direkte på bundkortet (ganske kompliceret ud fra et teknisk synspunkt), til det stik, der KOM eller til bus USB (bedste løsning).

Det skal bemærkes, at bølgelængden af IR- porten, ikke overstiger 900 nm. Denne figur sætter strenge grænser for den del af den arbejdende afstanden mellem de to infrarøde enheder er 1 meter. Ellers teknologi vil vakle. For at sikre en stabil forbindelse, anbefales det at downloade driverne til IR - enheder, og fjern alle fremmedlegemer mellem de to havne.


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